I am a geek

I get excited about technology, about new product announcements or the latest release of a minor update to an obscure piece of software. I have an affinity for gadgets and love trying new things. I love making things work and making them better. I am in awe of the wonders of the world that we live in and I am excited for what is coming!

What I do

I work for a school district that serves a community very similar to the one I grew up in. Everyday I get to work with and for the students who, not too many years ago, were just like me. I get to combine my love of technology, computers, software and gadgets (the geeky stuff) in ways that help to make a difference in a community similar to one that helped make me. I am a passionate advocate for education, especially as it relates to equity and breaking cycles of poverty.

What I'm good at

I am good at solving problems. Whether figuring out a networking issue, solving a problem with a driver, writing custom applications, automating mundane tasks or figuring out why the page margins are wrong, my ability to quickly identify and troubleshoot the problem in front of me allows me to sort out most issues. I am also good at sharing my knoweldge and experiences with others and helping my peers find the right solutions by leading them in the right direction and allowing them to make their own discoveries.

Why I'm good at it

The combination of my affinity for technology and my experience have provided me with a pragmatic view of the IT world. I have learned to appreciate standards. I have learned to embrace open sources as an often superior choice to the available alternatives. I have learned to avoid the trappings of brands or fanboy-isms in favor of choosing the right tool for the job. I have learned to value the opinions and experiences of others, even if I do not agree. I have learned that I do not need to continually reinvent the wheel.

Memberships and Associations

  • CITE - California IT in Education
  • CUE - Computer Using Educators
  • ACSA - Association of California School Administrators
  • ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education

Awards and Achievements

ACSA Region XIX, Technology Administrator of the Year
I have been fortunate to receive the ACSA Region XIX Technology Administrator of the Year award for 2017.
CTO Mentor Program
As of January, 2016, I am a California IT in Edcuation Certified Chief Technology Officer. This rigorous program significantly expanded my understanding of my job and allowed me to grow immensely. You can review my portfolio here CTO Mentor Portfolio


Contact Me

Please feel free to send me an email at shane.pinnell@gmail.com.

Book Club

Below is a list of books that I've read recently that have had an impact on my thoughts and ideas about how best to do my job.